Operator and environmental protection made easy

ezi-connect, the ideal connection

ezi-connect is the innovative system from Wisdom Systems and developed with BASF that enables the safe transfer of crop protection products directly into the sprayer.

What’s new:
ezi-connect coupler is directly connected
to the ezi-connect screw cap. It can be pre-fitted to all industry standard containers (1L, 5L, and 10L) and any other sizes that have a 63mm closure.

Patented coupling system

Connecting – The two plugs are locked on to the connector probes while thecontainer is emptied and rinsed. Disconnecting – As the connector probes withdraw they automatically seal and replace the two plugs back in their original position.

(Schematic representation)

(Schematic representation)



  • No additional parts required – just connect and it’s ready to use!
  • The most convenient way to fill your sprayer.
  • Protection for the operator and environment.
  • Patented technology you can rely on.

Easy operation with negligible risk to the Operator and Environment

Delivered to the Farm and Ready to Use…
Just remove from the Box, Click and Empty*

ezi-connect – the user-friendly closed
transfer system for crop protection products

Quick and easy operation
  • ezi-connect screw caps can be fitted to all industry standard containers with 63mm closures
  • No opening or preparation of the container required
  • Easy mixing and measurement
  • Container automatically recloses after part pack dispensing and disconnection
  • Speed of filling the sprayer is equal to and often better than manual pouring and rinsing
Optimum protection of the operator and the environment
  • Negligible risk of contaminating the Operator and Environment
  • An 'Engineering Control' delivers a Completely Closed Transfer System - CTS
  • Completely closed system
  • Easy rinsing
  • Simplified disposal – All polyethylene construction – No Foil seal
Compliant with Industry Standard IS 63
  • ezi-connect is designed to fit on all Industry Standard containers and from Any Manufacturer
  • Open Technology Platform – Suitable for and Available to all Products and Market Sectors
  • One Coupler can Access all Manufacturers products